Novartis – Gilenya Pedicab Campaign
November 27, 2014 0

Novartis – Gilenya Pedicab Campaign – 65th Annual Meeting of AAN (2013)

Posted by:yellowbikemedia onNovember 27, 2014

Targeted key high foot traffic areas where decision makers commute, sponsoring Pedicab billboards and drivers and locating them by the Convention Center, hotels, and special event facilities. After a special company party at a night club in Gaslamp, go green and use pedicabs to transport their guest to the hotels – all rides sponsored by Novartis.
20 Branded Pedicab Outdoor Advertising for 5 days – 10 hours a day exposure around the convention center. Drivers dressed in branded uniforms.
Some health conventions are restricted and regulated about outdoor advertising usage. We were the only outdoor media managed it through and provided a very effective ad campaign for Gilenya. Our environmentally friendly moving billboards helped Novartis achieve their advertising goals and reach their prospects and attendees in an effective way.

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