Elster Pedicab Campaign
November 24, 2014 0

Elster Pedicab Campaign: (Distributech Convention)

Posted by:yellowbikemedia onNovember 24, 2014

Their 3rd time using our pedicabs!!!
Elster is a Germany based smart grid company attending to Distributech Conference and Exhibition at San Diego Convention Center just like every other year. After running many successful campaigns for them, we became as their only outdoor advertising source and partner during their exhibition. They also needed to transport their guests from convention center to a night club in Gaslamp for their special meeting. What kind of outdoor media could provide all these at the same time? They made the best move by sponsoring 12 fully wrapped pedicabs of Yellow Bike Media and brand ambassadors for 3 consecutive days.
Yellow Bike Media drivers (brand ambassadors) wore the elegant Elster t-shirs and hats and located right in front of the convention center with their shiny pedicabs. All day long they offered free rides to convention center delegates and told them the rides were sponsored by Elster.
This campaign was a big hit and many people enjoyed the free rides. Fully wrapped canopy pedicabs created a large presence around the convention center. Elster had busy booth traffic and they said that this was the best sponsorship they have ever done. Once again, our unique service pleased another exhibitor.

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