Dead Island Comic Con Pedicabs
November 24, 2014 0

Dead Island 2 (Comic-Con Pedicabs)

Posted by:yellowbikemedia onNovember 24, 2014

Targeting attendees at major conventions and trade shows like Comic-Con can be one of the most effective ways for businesses and products to reach an audience of industry specific decision makers, because they are concentrated in one area for a short period of time. Pedicab media can be focused in very specific areas where it will intersect event attendees at multiple points during their stay. That’s just what Dead Island 2 did with our team of branded pedicabs at Comic Con. Since these bike taxis are frequently used in lieu of taxis or walking, they provided a great way to reach event attendees as they circulated around the convention center, main hotels and restaurants. The drivers were also equipped with promotional materials to distribute, becoming brand ambassadors for the advertiser and introducing an element of personal interaction to the Dead Island 2 campaign.

10 branded pedicabs with brand ambassadors dressed in Dead Island uniforms asking attendees to take selfie pictures inside the pedicab and post it to their Facebook for a chance to win prices. Using canopy pedicabs which combined with a complete artwork design made the advertising stand out in the crowd. Brand ambassadors/team drivers also handed out promotional items to let attendees know where they could purchase the Dead Island games.

Attractive and creative images on the pedicabs made people turn heads and look at the advertising on our double height canopy pedicabs. Many riders took selfie photos and posted on social sites to win prices. In addition to the passengers, the bikes were also seen by the huge crowds as they moved around the convention area.

What our client said?
“Thank you so much for the great pictures!  Everyone loved how these pedicabs came out and the shirts looked great on all of the drivers.  The client was also very pleased with how much exposure we received at this Comic-con for this promotion, so big thanks to you and your team from Deep Silver and Midnight Oil”

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