Walking Billboard Advertising

Walking Billboard is a street-level, eco-friendly, outdoor advertising billboard medium. Walking Billboard is particularly effective for creating a targeted brand presence around transit stations, convention trade shows, retailers, sports arenas and events. The human billboard has proven to be a successful part of a guerrilla marketing campaign and is still used to this day.

Street Team Marketing: Engaging consumers on a personal level

Our Street teams wearing these LED displayed backpacks can literally walk right up to your audience say “Hi!”, and then engage in a one-on-one brand experience, distributing promotional items, and collecting information. They also offer a unique opportunity to bring your creative to life. With a creative use of props and attire street teams can be created to mirror your advertising creative.

Benefits of Walking Billboard Advertising

– Eye catching friendly LED billboards offering a unique convention campaign.
– Walking Billboard person walks with the attendees to grab their attention.
– Walking billboard brand ambassador directly communicate with the attendees.
– Superb for distribution or sampling and other marketing materials.
– Huge impact and brand exposure around the Convention Center.

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