United Healthcare Pedicab Sponsorship

San Diego LPL Focus Convention


Dates of the Campaign: August 19, 20, 21
Name of Convention: LPL Focus12, 2012
Number of Pedicabs: 50
Uniform: Blue T-shirt and white UHC hats.
Promotional items to be distributed: UHC fliers and hand sanitizers.
Target Audience: LPL Focus12 attendees.


Provide complimentary rides to as many Focus12 attendees as possible. Create awareness amongst attendees of the UHC Focus12 events.


12 of the 6 sheet displayed super advertising pedicabs wrapped up with UHC brand and messages and became ready for the show. Brand ambassadors dressed with uniforms provided by UHC, their mobile billboard and pockets filled up with information cards and fliers. Finally, eye-catching shinny bicycle taxis are on the road and offering free rides to convention attendees on behalf of UHC.


United HealthCare pedicabs offered complimentary rides to LPL Focus12 attendees 16 hours daily for 3 consecutive days. Hundred of people enjoyed the free rides and transported to United HealthCare’s special event location. Tremendous impression rate created through the use of our creative marketing media.

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