Trade Show Marketing

San Diego Convention Center Pedicab Advertising / Sponsorship Opportunities


Fresh and innovation approach with a bit of fun and a “twist of style” by offering genuine outdoor marketing solutions.

  • More mobile than a billboard

    Friendly than any bus and generates more awareness than a taxicab

  • Long exposure time

    Your name recognition by reaching thousand of potential customers at advertising rates lover than radio or newsprint.

  • No longer waits for crowds

    Your billboard goes to the crowds

  • Sponsored complimentary rides

    Offering transportation to and from the Convention Center free of charge to attendees.

  • Opportunity for distribution

    such as coupons, promotional items and flyers, also sponsorship of driver` s uniforms.

An innovative outdoor media that can do all for you!

We specialize

in advertising products or services of companies exhibiting at the San Diego Convention Center with a unique, fresh, and innovative approach by offering genuine outdoor marketing solutions through the use of fully wrapped branded pedicabs that catch the eye, powered by drivers that become brand ambassadors through the distribution of promotional items and by being dressed in uniforms that bear your brand name and logo.
Want to take it up another level? We offer the opportunity for you to sponsor rides for your target audience, offering transportation to and from the Convention Center free of charge to attendees on your behalf. Our drivers, or brand ambassadors, can not only pass out whatever promotional items you may choose to use, they will be trained to talk about your product, and to direct attendees to your booth.

Convention / Trade Show Outdoor Advertising Campaigns

San Diego Convention Center Pedicab Advertising / Sponsorship Opportunities:

If trade show sponsorship is what you are looking for you’ve come to the right place.

At Yellow Bike Media, we understand how critical trade shows and conventions can be, and how important it is to make a great impression in an event’s small and very busy window of time. Attendees at conventions and professional conferences have busy schedules during their stay in the host city. Finding your opportunities to reach them away from the trade show floor in a personal, meaningful way is a key strategy for driving traffic to your booth.

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