Johnson & Johnson’s Acuvue Pedicab
November 29, 2014 0

Johnson & Johnson’s Acuvue Pedicab and Segway Campaign – Optometry’s Meeting / American Optometric Assn Convention (June 2013)

Posted by:yellowbikemedia onNovember 29, 2014

Pedicab media is ideal to reach event attendees with the close proximity to convention centers and hotels. In addition to pedicab media – Segway media also provides advertisers with the flexibility to use multiple creative executions, and deliver several messages. Especially in a competitive convention campaign, it is important to reach decision makers before they walk into the convention center. Here, pedicab and Segway mediums play an important role in creating awareness around the convention center and target attendees to increase booth traffic.
5 Pedicabs and 2 branded Segway media put in charge to target attendees and let them know where to find Acuvue’s booth at the convention center. Pedicabs piked up attendees from surrounding hotels and dropped them off near the convention with free of charge. This personalized unique service was appreciated by attendees and they were happy to visit Acuvue’s booth. Segway operators distributed hundreds of promotional literature to targeted key decision makers for 3 days and 8 hours a day.
Increased booth traffic as well as brand awareness around and strong brand leadership created around the convention center.

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