4 fully wrapped Pedicabs offered free rides


Nutrisoda is a new product launching in San Diego, their target audience is the health conscious people but like to drink soda. They would like to introduce this new product to the San Diego Gays and Lesbians festival attendees and visitors around Balboa Park where event is held for 2 days. Their idea is to use Pedicabs to create brand awareness and support Balboa Park at the same time by donating $5 toward the reforestation of Balboa Park with every free ride.


– 4 fully wrapped Pedicabs offered free rides and hand out promo cards for 7 hours.

– Drivers educated riders and informed them about this new product.

– Drivers told riders that their ride sponsored by Nutrisoda and Nutrisoda would donate $5 for reforestation of Balboa Park.

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