Rims (Risk Insurance Management Society) and Liberty Mutual Advertising Campaign


In a highly competitive insurance industry, during one of the biggest convention event in San Diego where 20.000 people attending and having parties all around Gaslamp area every night, how does Liberty Mutual stand out in the crowd and impress its customers? How they can create brand awareness on people walking outside of the convention center? How their ad also can be seen at night by people coming out of a night club?


The campaign objective was to generate awareness out side of the conventions center and around the parties and special events. Liberty Mutual wanted to highlight the numerous unique benefits they offer their customers through using 5 different messaging on the 30 pedicabs and drivers’ t-shirts. They also wanted pedicabs to provide free rides to their customers from a night club where they had a party at to their hotels for 4 hours.


Targeted key high foot traffic areas where decision makers commute, sponsoring Pedicab billboards and drivers and locating them by the Convention Center, Hotels and special event facilities. After a special company party at a night club in Gaslamp, go green and use pedicabs to transport their guest to the hotels all rides sponsored by Liberty Mutual for 4 hours.


Unprecedented convention advertising domination via outdoor media pedicabs during massive Rims 2008 convention. Strong brand leadership built by using unique convention outdoor advertising media.

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