Hero Complex Pedicab

How do you distribute thousands of magazines in 4 days during Comic-Con 2014?


Distribute 20.000 Hero Complex magazines to Comic-Con attendees while advertising in a unique way. Stock hundreds of boxes magazines in storage and deliver all these boxes to brand ambassadors at the designated locations in a fast and safe way. Need to exclusively sponsor a vehicle which would grab lots of attention and do the on time delivery service.


9 sheet displayed super pedicab fully wrapped with 75 square feet advertising material laminated and shinning like a hero with the advertisement of LA Times and Hero Complex. Pedicab operator loaded hundreds of magazines on to Hero Complex Pedicab and drives them to designated locations where brand ambassadors are handing out the magazines to visitors in a highly crowded and foot traffic areas. Pedicab is to go back to storage every hour and deliver more magazines to designated spots.


About 20.000 magazines delivered and handed out in 4 days with the huge help of Hero Complex Pedicab. LA Times created a great brand recognition through the use of fully wrapped branded pedicab.

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