Welcome aboard! Enjoy the Jetblue Pedicab ride!

Campaign Details:

35 branded pedicabs offering complimentary rides to attendees of GBTA on behalf of Jetblue for 2 days, drivers outfitted in Jetblue t-shirts interacting with attendees and directing them to Jetblue’s booth.


GBTA – The Global Business Travel Association Convention & Exposition will see companies like airlines, hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, insurance companies etc. The participating companies will showcase their products and services and will meet a huge crowd under one roof. This will not only help the participating companies in convincing the visitors but also will gaining the best knowledge about the customers’ attention.

At a huge event where lots of exhibitors attending from similar and same industry, it is very critical to choose the right type of media to stand out in the crowd and create brand awareness. Jetblue sponsored Yellow Bike Media Pedicabs to create booth traffic and show attendees that Jetblue is fun in the air and on the ground.


Jetblue took the opportunity to engage with attendees by giving free bike taxi rides to the huge crowds attending GBTA convention.
The bikes were strategically placed in key areas around the convention, where they provided complimentary rides to tired attendees. During the ride the drivers were able to distribute promotional literature, and talk to the riders about Jetblue.


Jetblue was able to show people that they are always fun in the air and on the ground. Hundreds of people enjoyed the Jetblue sponsored free rides on hot summer days by taking a canopy pedicab.

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