Event Invitation Campaigns

When it comes to targeting San Diego Downtown audiences (Demographics 21 – 50), our pedicabs are number one marketing source to invite patrons to special events like theaters, plays, shows, concerts, and games. Our fantastic team will make sure your message is received and your target clients are well aware of what’s coming up or currently happening. For your upcoming event advertising, reserve your pedicabs now!


Fully Wrap Double Height - Canopy Pedicab

These are our eye-catching and creative new advertising medium incorporates with a canopy top part attachment to our fully wrapped super pedicabs.

Full Wrap Super Pedicab

Full wrap covers the rear side of the cab body including side panels, front panels, and right & left side of the front wheel.

Full Wrap With Doors - Luxury Pedicab

11 sheet displayed 5 passenger seating pedicab. We are very excited to introduce nation’s first pedicab design with doors.

Display Bike Custom Pedicab

Customized and specially fabricated enlarged product model displayed on a custom built pedal powered pedicab.

Field Marketing

Our drivers will be trained to talk about your product, and to direct attendees to your booth.

Sponsored Uniforms

You can come up with your company T-shirt, hats or any type of uniform that you like our drivers to wear (like a doctor etc…).

Check our Latest Campaigns

We can be part of any of your advertising campaign, including corporate meetings, conventions, trade shows, and special events. This service is not only for your advertisement but can also be for your transportation needs such as group rides from point A to point B and return trip.

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