Euflexxa Pedicab Advertising Campaign

San Diego Convention Center


Euflexxa® is similar to the HA found in healthy knees. When Euflexxa® is injected into the knee, it replenishes the HA in the knee and helps restore the ability of the synovial fluid to cushion, lubricate, and protect the knee.
20 Shinny pedicabs with Euflexxa messaging on them strategically located around the convention center for 3 days during AAOS massive convention where 20.000 delegates were attending from all over the world.


All day long complimentary rides were provided by the Euflexxa. Brand ambassadors (drivers) told attendees ” free rides sponsored by Euflexxa, please visit our booth today” At the same time 5000 promotional postcards were distributed. Campaign was highly effective and Euflexxa really stood out in the crowd and delivered their message in a personal level throughout the convention.

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