Coors Light – Miller Coors Distributers Convention

Campaign Details:
20 fully wrapped super pedicabs, full branded outfitted drivers in ski uniforms, complimentary free rides for 8 hours a day, transporting attendees to and from street party location, a custom-build promo pedicab display.


The Miller Coors Distributor Convention is the annual meeting of Miller Coors business partners. 3750 attendee to visit San Diego for this convention and also enjoy the street party organized in Gaslamp San Diego by Miller Coors. They wanted to complement and impress their customers and guests by using pedicab transportation and create a unique campaign.
Coors Light – Miller Coors Distributers Convention


20 fully-wrapped luxury pedicabs with friendly drivers provided sponsored complimentary rides to attendees for 3 days. Pedicab operators were outfitted in fully branded ski clothing to match the branding of the Coors Light pedicabs and operated around the Convention Center, major convention hotels, and street party location. A 9 feet “Coors Can” was also displayed on a fully custom-built pedicab around the convention center. This special product display pedicab was visible from long distances.


Brand ambassadors provided 500 hours of free rides in 3 days, totaling more than 1000 complementary rides. Campaign created a big buzz around the convention center reaching an impression rate of 90% of the attendees.


What People Said?

“You guys made my day by saving my tired feet. Thank you for the free ride”
“Thanks to Coors for taking me back to my hotel”
“This is the best sponsorship we have ever seen, I can’t believe ride is free and so much fun”

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