’s Mongoliad Pedicab Advertising Campaign

Comic-Con 2012
No need to walk around, all rides are sponsored by, take a seat save your feet!


Is to stand out in the crowd and go one step ahead of competitors during massive Comic-Con 2012 where 123.000 attendees are visiting. Mongoliad books need to present to Comic-Con attendees in a unique and creative way. Need to hand out promotional discount cards to attendees and impress them while doing it. What would be the best outdoor media which would commute with direct buyers and be at a close proximity with them? Answer was Yellow Bike Media Pedicab Advertising Services.


9 sheet displayed super pedicabs fully wrapped with 75 square feet advertising material laminated and shinning like a star with the advertisement of Mongoliad Books. Pedicab operators or brand ambassadors dressed with eye-catching t-shirts which bear the messages of Mongoliad Book series and handing out special discount cards to visitors. At the same time pedicabs are offering rides to attendees free of charge on behalf of Amazon and Mongoliad.


About 2000+ people were transported for free under the’s sponsorship. Almost all 12.000 promotional cards handed out and distributed. In 4 days over 70.000 people passed by the pedicabs and saw the ads. Success was big and these pedicabs and Mongoliad will be remembered.

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