Promo Bike Display Advertising

Customized and specially fabricated enlarged product model displayed on a custom built pedal powered pedicab. This innovative new advertising media grabs attention like no other outdoor medium.

Benefits of this new marketing vehicle:
-Your product is displayed in a unique way and attracts lots of attention.
-Your product constantly moves around the high foot traffic areas.
-LED lights around your product make it visible at night too.
-This special pedicab is driven by a Brand ambassador who directly communicates with convention attendees/general public.
-Superb for distribution or sampling and other marketing materials.
-Huge impact and brand exposure in any area that you would like to be seen.

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Segway Advertising

Segway Outdoor Advertising is another attractive media that can be combined with your Pedicab Advertising Campaign or by itself.

Segway Advertising in San Diego Is an Eco-Friendly way to present your brand directly to consumers, open the door for a very new brand experience and surprise them with the approach. Our distinctive Segway format offers new dimensions to street level promotions and consumer interaction. Each Segway has an allocated brand ambassador wearing the client’s corporate clothing. Co-ordinated leaflet handouts & Bluetooth facility is also an option with this format.

Benefits of Segway Advertising:
– Eye catching, and environmentally friendly branded segways.
– Operated by brand ambassadors dressed in your company uniforms.
– Talking about your products face to face with attendees and directing them to your booth.
– Handing out your marketing materials to trade show attendees on a personal level.

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Walking Billboard Advertising

Walking Billboard is a street-level, eco-friendly, outdoor advertising billboard medium. Walking Billboard is particularly effective for creating a targeted brand presence around transit stations, convention trade shows, retailers, sports arenas and events. The human billboard has proven to be a successful part of a guerrilla marketing campaign and is still used to this day.

Street Team Marketing: Engaging consumers on a personal level
Our Street teams wearing these LED displayed backpacks can literally walk right up to your audience say “Hi!”, and then engage in a one-on-one brand experience, distributing promotional items, and collecting information. They also offer a unique opportunity to bring your creative to life. With a creative use of props and attire street teams can be created to mirror your advertising creative.

Benefits of Walking Billboard Advertising:
– Eye catching friendly LED billboards offering a unique convention campaign.
– Walking Billboard person walks with the attendees to grab their attention.
– Walking billboard brand ambassador directly communicate with the attendees.
– Superb for distribution or sampling and other marketing materials.
– Huge impact and brand exposure around the Convention Center.

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