3M Company – Industrial Convention in San Diego (June 2013)


3M is attending a Trade Show in San Diego and will be hosting a private event for their customers the evening of Monday, June 3, 2013. They would like to request transportation from the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel to the House of Blues. They also would like to wrap all 30 pedicabs with 3M branding and have drivers wear 3M t-shirts.

3M Pedicab Sponsorhip San Diego


All 30 of the 3M branded pedicabs lined up by the Hilton Bay Front Hotel to transport 250 guests to House of Blues in Downtown San Diego. When guests walked out of the hotel they were very excited and impressed to see that the pedicabs were waiting for them. They were also picked up from the House of Blues at the end of the night and safely transported back to their hotels.

3M Pedicab Campaign San Diego


3M was able to provide transportation for all of their guests in a personal and touching level. Their customers and qualified leads were very pleased with the service of pedicabs and brand ambassadors. 3M brand was all over the town and impression rate was huge.

3M Pedicab Advertising
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